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Brand: Just Herbs

Silksplash Rehydrant Face Wash - Suits all Skin Types

Silksplash Rehydrant Face Wash - Suits all Skin Types

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Product Description

Our best-selling and most iconic face cleanser, Silksplash, is a gentle Ayurvedic face wash with a faint herby aroma to remove the last traces of dust, grime and make-up residue, yet retaining the inherent moisture of the skin.
Note to vegans – contains honey.

  • Why use an Ayurvedic face wash for your skin?
  • How to pick the best Herbal face wash for combination skin?
  • Will the Silksplash Face Wash Suit Oily/ combination skin?
  • Will the Silksplash Face Wash Suit Dry Skin?
  • What are the ingredients to avoid while choosing a face wash?
  • Is an Ayurvedic face wash good enough to cleanse your skin properly?
  • How often should I use the Silksplash Neem Orange Rehydrant Face Wash?
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  • A face wash is an integral part of a healthy daily skincare routine and using the correct face wash suited to your skin type is an essential part of your beauty regimen. While there are several face washes available today, some claiming to be natural and ayurvedic, not all face washes are created equal.
    Ingredients such as Neem, Chandan and bitter orange peel that are revered in Ayurveda for their antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties make a well formulated Ayurvedic face wash score way above a regular face wash you can buy at a supermarket.
  • Look at the ingredient list. First, check if the ingredient list is provided in full. Pay special attention to words such as ‘base qs’ or ‘cleansing base’ on the label. Also, check if only three to four ‘key’ ingredients are mentioned. This indicates that all the ingredients of the product have not been disclosed and the product could contain harsh foaming agents and/or parabens.
    Secondly look for beneficial ayurvedic ingredients in among the list of key ingredients. These could be ingredients such as Neem, Aloe Vera, orange peel, honey etc. Also avoid face washes with SLS, SLES and other harsh foaming agents being used in them.
  • The Just Herbs Silksplash Neem and Orange Rehydrant Face wash is ideal for oily combination skin that is prone to breakouts. It balances the oil production of oily and combination skin and cuts down excessive sebum. Anti-microbial ayurvedic ingredients such as Neem, Chandan and bitter orange peel prevent the formation of acne by cleaning off the dust, grime and debris from skin pores preventing them from getting enlarged and clogged. It helps control oiliness and restores the oil-balance of the skin to its optimum level.
  • Just Herbs’ Silksplash Neem Orange Rehydrant face wash is formulated to suit all skin types including dry skin. Being free of harsh surfactants such as SLS and SLES, it does not dry the skin out by stripping it off its natural oils. It keeps the pH balance of the skin under check and is suitable for all skin types including dry skin.
  • There are plenty of face washes available in India that simply aim to cleanse your skin but are loaded with harsh surfactants that also dry and irritate your skin in the process. Some of them are completely chemically derived and just a mere glance at the ingredient list is enough to know of their chemical composition.
    But what makes things more complicated are the face washes that label themselves as Ayurvedic and yet use harsh surfactants such as SLS, SLES or preservatives such as parabens to make sure they lather upon application. Most do not mention the ingredient list in full on the label often using terms as ‘base qs’ and ‘cleansing base’ to hide all the harsh ingredients being used in the base.
    If you come across such a product, do demand a full ingredient list and make sure that the product is free from SLS, SLES and parabens at the very minimum.
  • Absolutely! Ayurveda advocates using an ubtan- a dried powder made from lentils, herbs plants and flowers - to cleanse your face. You take the ubtan powder in your palm and activate it with water to gently cleanse your skin. We do have the award winning Aglow Neem and Chandan Facial Cleanser that does just that !
    However, if you’re looking at something more contemporary, practical and modern then a mildly foaming Ayurvedic face wash such as the Silksplash Neem Orange rehydrant face wash is ideal. Not only does it cleanse your skin well, it also helps restore the pH balance of your skin without making it feel stretchy or dry.
  • We recommend that you use this face wash twice, once in the morning and once in the evening.
  • neem* (azadirachta indica) ext. 0.5%, bitter orange (citrus aurantium) peel ext. 0.5%, aloevera* (aloe barbadensis) leaf juice 2%, honey (mel) 1%, calendula (calendula officinalis) ext. 0.5%, cucumber (cucumis sativus) ext. 0.2%, chandan (santalum album) ext. 0.1%., purified water (aqua), steam distilled sandal (santalum album) wood water, steam distilled orange (citrus aurantium) blossom water, decyl glucoside**, cocoamidopropyl betain, lauryl glucoside**, sodium cocoyl glutamate, vegetable glycerine, soy lecithin, cold pressed wheatgerm (triticum aestivum) oil , potassium sorbate, gluconolactone, ethylhexylglycerin, caprylyl glycol, sodium gluconate**, natural preservative blend of herbs and essential oils, citric acid (pH adjuster).

    Please note that ingredient lists may change or vary from time to time. Please refer to the ingredient list on the product package you receive for the most up to date list of ingredients.

  • Apply the face wash on wet skin. Rinse with water and pat dry. Use twice a day. Follow by the next suggested product in your JH six step regime.
    • Name of Mfg. / Importer / Brand: APCOS NATURALS PVT. LTD.
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