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Brand: Henlo

Henlo Baked Dry Food for Puppies 100 human grade ingredients

Henlo Baked Dry Food for Puppies 100 human grade ingredients

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Product Description


    Introducing Henlo Baked Dry Food for Puppies! Welcome to the world of Henlo, where each bite is a celebration of well-being for your beloved pup! ???? Our Baked Dry Food is a promise of a long and healthy life for your furry friend.

    Made with love in India, Henlo meets global AAFCO and FEDIAF guidelines.Trusted by vets, loved by pups. Henlo is the go-to choice for a happy and healthy companion.

    Key Features:

    • Improves Gut Health: Boosts digestive well-being with a blend of human-grade ingredients and organic Indian spices.
    • Energetic Delight: Lifts energy levels for a lively and playful pup throughout the day.
    • Strengthens Bone & Teeth: Enhances bones and teeth health with essential nutrients for a sturdy and healthy foundation.
    • Builds Stronger Muscle: Promotes the development of strong muscles for an active and joyful lifestyle.
    • Upgrades Skin & Coat: Enhances the skin and coat with fresh freeze-dried veggies and fresh chicken as its primary ingredient. 
    • Heart Health Support: Supports a healthy heart, ensuring your pup stays happy and hearty.
    • Balanced Everyday Meal: Ideal for a well-rounded daily diet, promoting overall health and well-being.
    • Human-Friendly Aroma: The irresistible scent is not just approved by dogs but also appreciated by humans.
    • Baked Goodness: Made as a baked dry dog food in small artisanal batches, it preserves essential nutrients.
    • Low-Heat Baking: Baked at low temperatures to ensure maximum crunch and full-bodied flavors in every bite.


    • 100% human-grade chicken, eggs, chicken liver
    • Fresh freeze-dried veggies: Sweet Potato, Beetroot, Carrot, Green beans, Pumpkin
    • Organic spices: Cinnamon, Rosemary, Ginger
    • Essential vitamins and minerals
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