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Unbox Manly Fragrances

Unbox Manly Fragrances

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We believe the festive season is all about uplifting your manly spirit. Unbox Manly Fragrances and get ready for all the fun.


What’s In the Combo?

  1. Intense EDP Details

We’ve taken our time to revel in a range of natural ingredients and formulate our Eau De Parfum Intense. An Oriental fragrance with unmatched warm and musky top notes blended beautifully with lavender’s exotic sweetness and lemon’s citrusy freshness. It holds to its core a distinct spicy-sweet blend of patchouli, coffee accord, and plum. What lasts and reverberates, in the end, is a subtle base note of rich and woody amber wood perfected with a sweet and sultry touch of vanilla.

Fragrance Notes:

Top Note: Oriental

A fragrance that opens with an oriental note is supposed to freshen up your mind, body and soul.

Middle Note: Patchouli

Due to its presence in the heart note patchouli adds to your scent an earthy and herbaceous vibe.

Base Note: Vanilla

Vanilla’s reputation as a powerful aphrodisiac endures, and it’s often present in alluring fragrances.

     2. EDP Musk Details

As an accompaniment to the lasting essence of a gentleman who carries his warmth and style as his second skin, we announce Musk. Dressed in lemon, basil leaf, eucalyptus and lavandin, the top blend announces your essence with a fresh citrusy charm. The middle notes follow your footsteps with a spicy tone of marine, cedarwood and peppermint, leaving a pleasant scent wafting about you. Finally the lasting bit of musk stands true to its name and goes about exuding a musky aroma topped with an intoxicating touch of vanilla.

Fragrance Notes:

Top Note: Lemon

Lemon makes for a sparkling top note that is zesty and cheerful to keep your spirit high and uplifted.

Middle Note: Marine

If your fragrance has notes of marine, it means that it beautifully captures the essence of fresh sea air and the shore at its heart.

Base Note: Musk

As a base note, musk is known to linger onto you even after the aromatic transition of your fragrance.

    3. EDP Oud Details

Oud is a carefully crafted scent for the gentleman who flows by his days exuding an aura of perfection.

Our EDP Oud is a mystery blend of essential oils. It is decorated with top notes of fresh citruses and whisky. It settles for you with the earthy notes of coriander, creating a suave balance along with the spiciness of cinnamon and pepper. The resting and relaxing base notes of Oud are woody with a sweet powdery warmth that exhibits sweet and spicy qualities of patchouli befriending the exotic essence of vanilla.

Top Note: Whisky

Fragrances laced with a complex note like whisky are known to be very warm, sophisticated and deep.

Middle Note: Coriander

Coriander when put in the heart note of your fragrance ensures a suave and spicy character while making sure it does not overpower your senses. 

Base Note: Patchouli

As an ingredient, patchouli is known to act as an excellent fixative that extends the life of your perfume.


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Key Ingredients

Other Ingredients: Extra Neutral Alcohol(79.2%), Perfume(12%), Aqua(5.5%), Di-ethyl Phthalate(2%), Isopropyl Myristate(1%), Tertiary Butyl Alcohol(0.4%), Limonene, Linalool, Eugenol, Alpha-Isomethyl Ionone, Hydroxyisohexyl 3 Cyclohexene Carboxalehyde (Lyral), Citral, Coumarin, Benzyl Benzoate, Geraniol.


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