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Surf Excel Washing Machine Drum Descalers combo pack (100gm X 2)

Surf Excel Washing Machine Drum Descalers combo pack (100gm X 2)

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About this product

• Surf Excel Washing Machine Drum Descalers /Cleaning Tablets.
For Front Load and Top Load Washing machines.
5 units of 20 grams each. Surf Excel Washing Machine Drum Descalers comes in an easy to use tablet format which dissolves in the machine drum.
The superior Nano Bloom technology of the Surf Excel Descaler tablets helps to remove lime scale and grime to give you a clean machine drum.
The Descaler tablets also removes bacteria! The lemon fragrance of the Surf Excel Descaler tablets leaves a fresh and pleasant fragrance in the machine drum. Simply open the foil and toss 2 tablets (40 grams) into the EMPTY machine drum and Run the TUB CLEAN CYCLE on your Machine.
Please do not break or crush the tablets once you remove them from the inner foil. Please use with Caution
It is suitable for front load and top load machines with metallic drum. Not Recommended for Semi automatic machines with plastic drum.
Its time you experience the convenience of cleaning your machine in a hassle free way with Surf Excel Washing Machine Descaler Tablets.
Regular cleaning and maintenance of Machine Drum leads to better performance of your machine and avoids calcium deposits on your clothes
• Removes Limescale and Grime
• Fresh Lemon Fragrance
• Removes Bacteria for hygienic clean
• Suitable for Top Load & Front Load Metallic Drums
• Use only in empty machine drum .Do not mix with clothes
• Do not mix with any other cleaning products/detergents

Storage Direction (e.g. Condition)
• Store in Cool Dry Place. Away from Heat

Usage Directions
• Toss 2 Tablets ( 40 grams) in empty machine drum and RUN the TUB cleaning mode.

Other InformationMarketer Name and Address: Hindustan Unilever Ltd, Unilever House, B D Sawant Marg, Chakala Andheri East - 400099
Country Of Origin: France
Best Before: **18 Months (From date of Manufacturing)
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