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Polo Woods | Pack of 4

Polo Woods | Pack of 4

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What's in the Combo

   1. Eau De Parfum | Blue

Eau De Parfum Polo Blue by The Man Company is a fragrance especially crafted for those who celebrate the sport day-in and day-out. The fragrance is inspired by their exotic party moods, their beach vacations, and their scent of sport

   2. Eau De Parfum | Black

If bold decisions are an everyday thing for you and if you live to play for the team, Polo Black by The Man Company is the perfume you are looking for. Imagine three great fragrant pleasures of life one after the other. That’s what this amazing bottle of the fragrance comes with.

   3. Eau De Parfum | Red

Eau De Parfum Polo Red by The Man Company is a fragrance specially curated for those who are sportsmen and gentlemen at heart, at the same time. Who celebrates the sport, before celebrating their win.

   4. Eau De Parfum | Green

If your opponent’s respect you more than they envy you, Polo Green is the right perfume for you. You don’t play to defeat others. You play to perform your best. That’s pretty much what the Polo Green does too. It comes with three layers of notes that make you outshine, inevitably.


[/short_description] [product_usps]Eau De Parfum | Blue - 100ML,Eau De Parfum | Black - 100ML,Eau De Parfum | Red - 100ML,Eau De Parfum | Green - 100ML[/product_usps]


Other Ingredients: Extra Neutral Alcohol, Perfume, Aqua, Diethyl Phthalate, Isopropyl Myristate, Tertiary Butyl Alcohol. 

Alcohol Content (95% V/V): 81.78% denatured with 2.50% Di-Ethyl Phthalate & 0.50% Tertiary Butyl Alcohol.


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