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Kronos Y1

Kronos Y1

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Smart Watch with Fitness Tracker
Dial Away Calls Anytime, Anywhere - Convenience at its best is what we have got for you power-packed in our Kronos Y1 Smart Watch! A feature that lets you breeze through your tele interactions with utmost ease.
IP67 Splash Endurance Body - Now you can take a deep dive and monitor all your body vitals without much ado! Keep your Kronos Y1 strapped all day, every day!
Shuffle Your Sporty Moods/Modes Anytime - The perfect pick was never this easy, with different sports modes to choose from, you now have absolute freedom to garner the stats of your fitness journey!
Blood Pressure Monitoring Index - Stressed lifestyle can lead to disturbed blood pressure but can be mitigated if you keep a regular tab on it. Track your Blood Pressure Index with precision and accuracy!
Never Miss A Heart Beat - Know your heart a little better every time you strap on your Kronos Y1 Smart Watch and keep a regular tab on it. The stats will keep your health metrics in check!
Notifications Just A Tap Away - All the social media notifications that come your phone's way will be automatically diverted to your Smartwatch where you can view them at your convenience
Measure SPO2 Levels On Higher Altitudes - Treks can become really tiresome and a regular tab on the rising or decreasing oxygen levels can help you regulate your breathing resource
200+ Customizable Smartwatch Faces - The Smartwatch that lets you breathe life into it! Yes, you can really play around with the various moods and faces to feel more connected with your Smartwatch.
Warranty - 12 Months (1 Year)

: Kronos Y1
: Black , Grey
Product Code
:POR 1427, POR 1429
: Silicone
: V5.0
Display Size
: 1.75 Inch
: Square
Flash Memory
: 64MB
Water Resistant
: IP67

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